To Bring Order is To Heal Ourselves

To Bring Order is To Heal Ourselves

4256pro December 19, 2019

Knowing that, in the end, the rebellious rebel back to Christ’s infinite Mercy and abandon their Fear then if you were going to present the Apostles to the crowd you need to satisfy the crowd.

The fearful crowd despite input chooses Fear Before Love and they choose fear which is then the precursor for their need for control.

In their lack of control, they show that their judgments are based in fear and despite overwhelming evidence of Christ’s innocence or in your pre-chosen frame of mind Guilt

The Crowd ::checks notes:: yelled “Barrabas”.

The people have spoken.

In the end, we get to make one choice.

Do we lead with Love or do we lead with Fear and ultimately does that Pre-Supposition cloud the lives of the most Fearful.
Mind Gut Heart?

Gut Heart Mind?

Heart Gut Mind?


Open or Closed?

Your Choice?

On Today’s IRON BRIGADEI’m gonna talk about Zakariah Rebelling Against The Angel Gabriel today., plus Nancy Pelosi’s Presser, Clyburn’s threat and the Canceling of JK Rowland for Wrongthink.

To not be in order is to be in disorder
Give Get

Ask Answer

Silence Sound

Listen Speak

Yes No

Knock Open

Word Idea

Positive Negative

Forgive Be Forgiven

Innocent Guilty

0 1 2 3 


No Symbol Symbol

Is As

Is Was

Point Line

Much like if someone was working a math problem and instead of My Dear Aunt Sally they said Dear My Aunt Sally

They get an answer, not THE ANSWER which is found by Order.

All of this is Math. 

It can all be algorithmically reproduced and even inside of the reproduction the Order remains intact. 

Mathematically speaking. 

A point exists and because it is circular it is unending like the unended line of the circle.

Both the Point and the circle have a Center. which shares the common point. 

A series of points in a line shows progression or procession. 

The line has length, width, capacity and also a Center

The Truth is a Straight Line whereas deception disconnected from the eternal truth of the circle is a curved line. 

A straight line is stronger than a curved line. 

Mathematically speaking the point of judgment to be abandoned is ours.

And that order is

Judge and Be Judged

I’m gonna choose the order of Love Less Love and Forgiveness to be Forgiven.

To demand I make a different choice is Fear Expressed as Control.

God is Real.

Enjoy It. 


It should surprise no one that we have generations of people living in the disorder of believing their Emotional Reaction to Life Leads life itself.

It also should surprise no one that the General Purpose AI’s which through Quantum processing are accessing alternate dimensions and bringing data back to our reality and that information is used to control the public to become more fearful because time is money and if you fear all the time its good for the people adjusting the amount of fear pumped into reality from the media who now can predict how well a story will do depending on which words they use and which order those words are in.

Truth does not matter, Profits Matter

Prophets Profits

With math being objective the disorder is present when people choose the order of Subjective Before Objective.

Preset Reset

A Factory Reset is Good for the Soul

All of Created Equal

and we all come from the same place

The Eternal Point of Creation.

Create or Destroy, it’s your movie.

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