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Short Porch in Right Show Blog

4256pro December 7, 2019

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I have about 30ish serious working theories on what is currently happening or may be happening.

From full-on Live Wargames. Psyops. A General Purpose AI is running the Gov’t. This is a computer simulation and we live in a giant Hologram. Trump’s Guilty. Trump got set up. Trump is just lucky. Trump was planted by HRC to end the Republican Party. Vince McMahon is writing the news. Russia is our secret, newest ally and we have China surrounded and will starve their population when its economy shits the bed. There was a plot to overthrow the government and they caught it ETC I will be the first to say I do not know.

An FBI Investigator said once that just like how the country got schooled on DNA through the OJ Trial, that there was going to be a Huge TV Trial to school the public on money laundering.

That’s why my Sting/Economic Recovery Theory holds the most weight.

Based on Trump’s EOs regarding Asset Seizure. Session’s Voting/Benefits Fraud Taskforce. The Magnitsky Hoax and The Russia Hoax sharing some of the same players (Veteleskaya, Glen Simpson, Preet Bahara and John McCain) Horowitz on Wednesday in the Senate will be very eye-opening. I do plan on reading his report no matter how many hundreds of pages it is. Def suggest a quick read the April 2017 FISA Ruling too, its like 75 to 90 pages, worth it and a deep dive on 702 abuses. They’ve been trying to fix and cover surveillance abuses back to W’s time in office and screwed it up.

In the end, if someone is in business with the Cartels, Human Trafficking, Fentanyl Trafficking, labeled a terrorist, Selling Access to The Chinese, Selling SAPs, Selling a Political Office and or any “Anti-American” seditious activity, They are going to take everything. Gold, Property, Accounts, Stolen Laundered Tax Payer Money and University Endowments. Trillions coming back into our economy. More than likely they are going to either going to wipe Student Loan debt or let people file BK on it. It’s gonna be a choppy landing, but for all intents and purposes, The Golden Age is already here.

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