Pelousy’s Failure Grows Far Worse

Pelousy’s Failure Grows Far Worse

4256pro December 31, 2019

This is a great read. From a guy who knows the Warrant Process. Civil Libertarian Angle on 4th Amendment abuse.

The biggest point is that its not the 17 Mistakes made in favor of illegal surveillance its that the errors were known and not fixed in real-time.

Colyer retired 9 weeks early. 

Clinesmith will serve real jail time and be the First confirmed Nexus of This RICO case coming to a TV Court for public education.

Show what the Govt is doing, what they should really be doing, removing the employees loyal to the old Spy Shop who are stopping the implementation of the Correction.

Once the public is thoroughly informed of what their actual rights and how illegal surveillance is run.

The Digital Platforms get their day in the barrel, FB, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat. Every platform with foreign $ sources connected to Terrorism and Foreign Subversion 

Then they’ll go after the telecoms (while they hammer away on Regulation, the public good and breaking up the telecom monopoly, meanwhile Energy is let loose from every constraint.)

Maintain global energy dominance and choke off oil and cash to China, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey.

Digital Security, physical border security to stop the Fentanyl. It’s killing 50k Americans a year. No more intellectual property theft. 

The Hong Kong protests will make their way into the Mainland. The freedom we celebrate here at Home is a catalyst for their change from Communism to a very Light Democratic Republic with US Intel and Military Protections of US Corporate interest we gain in trade with bailing out China’s failed Economy.

The abuse of the people of Tibet and the body farming and concentration camps of the Ughyers and the abuses of Christians, Catholics and other faiths are being Willfully ignored by Corporations, media, military, intel, and politicians who knowingly sold their office and its access to SAPs and did so in illegal contributions via money laundering.

Which is why the first trial we get is about Money Laundering.

Then it’s applied to the Cartels, Terrorists Foreign and Domestic, jihadis and Communists who were using Liberalism to implement Socialism in a very methodical implementation across Education, Media, weakening of American’s minds, bodies and souls in order to allow Communism to take hold.

It was caught. The collaborators and the appeasers have been and still are being identified. Their communication and monetary networks reveal the same theft of US Capital, Intel, Information systems that allowed this flow of Communism to go unchecked by a Complicit group of propagandists.

Pushing Common Core, creating debt slavery which leads to low birthrates which hastens the decline of the Family which was needed to implement the State which must exist as Supreme Authority above all which why God must be lowered into a Centralized State Religion which preserves Bloodline and Oath Based hierarchies. This will be a perversion of faiths and will come with media productions of miracles but that is too continue their agenda to disarm the population. 

Control History and implement their conquering language which is used to dismantle the Constitution, Christianity, and Culture.

This is about collaborators and appeasers. The people who tried to keep you focused on 1 call where they project their own errors into their Failed narrative. 

One call, one country, one leader. Pay no attention to every deal done with every leader since 1980. 

How many mistakes were made pinning 100% of the Assassination Attempt of Ronald Reagan on John Hinkley?

It would seem now obvious that this slow subversion into Communism and putting us into a lifetime of senseless war was through a network of connected players and funding sources behind the missing Trillions from the Pentagon, the actions, inactions, and mistakes of arming terrorists and allowing or aiding or willfully ignoring 9/11, The IMF Aid theft, The US Aid Theft, The inner city Aid theft, the 2008 Crisis, Weapons of Mass destruction, the Patriot Act, to not keeping your doctor or your plan, the poisoning of American food, media, and minds with Fear and Doubt to control and manipulate the masses to give up their Freedoms and Civil Liberties by removing it from the people they disagree with.

This was supposed to be a very long process and for those of us who now see what is currently still being implemented Worldwide.

As Americans, we must come together to defend our families, friends, and neighbors from this invasion and make sure that just because Terrorists and Traffickers and Communist Subversives share common identities that the Retribution is only on the Knowing Actors and not just Wild Wild West style which has happened in the genocides and ethnic cleansing that more than likely was funded by the same players covering for this Coup.

The subversion of the Rule of Law where now in order to preserve Law and Order they believe that someone must prove their Innocence. Disprove Information gleaned from partisan fantasy Hope Porn that sold the lie that Russia is our enemy.

And only them.

Eyes on Putin, eyes on Russia, eyes on White Nationalism while Obama financed White Nationalists to start the Ukraine Coup and had the same money sources as the Turkish Coup.

Turkey, Ukraine, America 3 Coups, all from 1 Source, all for 1 Aim. 

What does the Coup DEMAND?

Eyes on 1 President.

Eyes on Ukraine.

Eyes on Ukraine President.

Eyes on 1 Call.

Lie to you about Campaign Finance, I mean extortion, I mean Quid Pro Quo, I mean Bribery, I mean Abuse of Power, I mean Obstruction of Congress 

Because the Communist Collaborators and appeasers must stop this unveiling of their complicit actions, inactions and Millions of Mistakes not corrected that got us here.

Funny on Netflix that you can watch a digital takedown of The President of The United States Billionaire and A Room Showman Donald J. Trump.

They sell the Charlottesville lie, they project their own complicity in scams and when they are jettisoned because they didn’t get the Program or had the DNA or Confidence necessary to truly thrive, they’re now camera trying to out Beta each other.

Watch the show, there are no leaders and no one with true confidence. Just people who couldn’t run with the Bulls so now they project their failure as a Cautionary Tale for the other Betas.

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