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New Pitboss 2000 Gear and Reverse The First Gear.


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There are going to be 3 Options for Supporting the stand-up, Podcasts, bands and Tours.




Check out the new LIVE PORTAL at that is the Webstore managed officially by me where as the others I have ZERO control over. 



"The Legion of Winning"'

Options will be

  1. CD-only, comes with Pre-Release Digital.
  2. CD, Pre-Release Digital and Limited Shirt.
  3. CD, Pre-Release Digital, Limited Shirt and PB2K Windbreaker


Below is The Deathsquad Industries Shopify Store where you can be a part of the Mug Club, Get Re-issues, Never before Released items from Pitboss and PC Deathsquad. There will also be new releases to Support Whiskey and The Surfer, Iron Brigade, as well as Weapons Grade Faith.  All of the production and fulfillment happens through our selected vendors and manufacturing and shipping time can vary depending on whether it is coming from the Great Ole USA or if it is coming from the other side of the World.  New items will be up soon. Excited to see pics of people enjoying their favorite beverage.

The merch that is next level and beyond my ability to create is being handled by the Money-Wizards over at ColdCutMerch.

They are handling all Printing, Orders, and Fulfillment.


That is the URL where you can find everything merchwise related to both Pitboss 2000 and PC Deathsquad.

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