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John Tole

Wonderwheel is my production computer. Will he crash before we NEED THE FILE! Always an adventure, Always a Blessing. Always where it is the Last Place I Look. Let's Talk Ukraine Justice and the Nere-Do-Wells and DNC Operatives covering for MS13/DNC Murders and Russian Hacking that leads to exfiltration but non-delivery. Assange is Trump's get out of Jail Free Card.

They spent 5 years for the DNC and their MSM operatives to gorge on Orange Man Bad and Trump World Evil instead of bolstering and creating a Leader worth a fuck. We get this stuttering moron who is completely caught in this Ukraine operation. Did US Taxpayer get misappropriated by NGOs via the State Department and the Ukraine Embassy from Yovanovich, well then let her appearance in Schiff's circus be enough of a TV Guide paragraph not to watch.

Meanwhile, the partisan pundits are done because when this goes Ukraine Justice, Their DNC First, China First, Anti-American lives will be shown for what they are.


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What up Nerdarios!

Happy Shampeachment as we learn how America is being handed over to The Chinese Communist Party 1 Democrat Sold Seat at a time. 



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Triple Shot of Exodus, MAGASanta, MALLiciously Fired, 13-Year-Old NYC Knife Crime is not the Cajun Hell where a methed out Gator eats a dead dude, Only Death Decides if you survive a Racist Bus Attack and only the Brain Dead Back this Commie Push to Take Over America.


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Here is today's IRON BRIGADE.
What started as a 6-minute video between one the breaks in Nadler's Circus morphed into this.

I have at least 30 scenarios of what may or may not be happening in our current reality.

But what I do know is what is happening will continue to happen


What people think or believe is happening despite their ability to not know but it does not matter because they live in the disordered reality of emotion leading the math of truth and to question them is to prove yourself as an enemy to their subjective experience that they then demand be treated with objectivity as long as they agree with it....

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Double Shots of Van Halen's 3rd Best Singer, Sammy Hagar, and RATT. Manic Hispanic's I want to be a Cholo, Foreigner and The Tubes are raging as we encounter: Brotherly Car Thieves, Food Assault, Sidewalk Sex and are Jerry Nadler's pants large enough to house the homeless.

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